The Critical Drinker Wiki, Real Name Age, Wife, Net Worth

The Critical Drinker, whose real name is Will Jordan, is a famous YouTuber from Scotland who is mainly renowned for his critic videos, movie reviews, and television show reviews. Are they old or classic and usually pretend to be a drunkard? He has an arid and misanthropic sense of humor. He drinks a lot, on and … Read more

Derek MPMD Wiki, Name, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Derek better known as More Plates More Dates is a YouTuber, Entrepreneur, and Fitness enthusiast. Derek MPMD is a young businessperson who has built a following on social media and through his site in the fitness and self-improvement niches (most notable being his YouTube channel). More Plates More Dates Wiki, Age, Height, Name, Girlfriend, Net … Read more

Ice Seguerra Wiki, Age, Height, Wife, Daughter, Net Worth

Ice Seguerra, professionally known ad Aiza Seguerra, is a Filipino singer, actor, guitarist, songwriter, and guitarist. He is famous for his acting and singing skills and transgender personality. Apart from being a renowned personality in show business, he is a famous name in the political field as he was once appointed the Chairperson of the … Read more

ConnorEatsPants Wiki, Real Name, Age, Height, Net Worth

ConnorEatsPants, whose original name is Connor, is a very famous American Twitch streamer YouTuber who is famous for his gaming videos and live streams. He usually plays games with his fellow YouTubers – CallMeCarson, Quackity, and TommyInnit.  When talking about his social media presence, he is highly active on his Instagram handle, with over 333 … Read more

The Right Opinion Face, Wiki, Age, Name, Net Worth

James Dancey, also known as The Right Opinion or just TRO most simply, is a very famous English YouTuber who grew mostly for the commentary videos he uploaded on YouTube and many other current affairs videos. He is also a social media star, and his content mainly consists of reactions and commentary on political matters.  Coming … Read more

Wendigoon Wiki, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Wendigoon is a popular YouTuber who creates engaging and informative videos about supernatural, paranormal, and horror-related topics. The channel is run by a content creator who remains anonymous. The videos they produce encompass a broad range of topics, spanning from urban legends to mythical creatures and everything else in the middle. One of the reasons … Read more