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The Critical Drinker, whose real name is Will Jordan, is a famous YouTuber from Scotland who is mainly renowned for his critic videos, movie reviews, and television show reviews. Are they old or classic and usually pretend to be a drunkard? He has an arid and misanthropic sense of humor. He drinks a lot, on and off camera. This factor contributed to his wonderful and drunk Scottish accent. 

Coming to his social media appearance, he is highly active on Twitter. His verified Twitter handle goes with the username – @TheCriticalDri2, which has over 240 thousand followers. He joined Twitter back in July 2019. He is also present on Patreon. 

The Critical Drinker
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Age, Biography and Wiki

Real NameWill Jordan
NicknameThe Critical Drinker
Date of Birth30th April 1983
Age as of 202339 years
BirthplaceFife, Scotland, UK

Early Life

Will Jordan, The Critical Drinker, was born in Scotland on 30th April 1983. He likes to keep his professional career and personal life completely detached from each other. 

When we talk about the education he received, he has yet to reveal any data about that. He neither revealed the name of the institutions he studied in nor the courses or subjects he studied. There are literally no details available regarding his early life. 


Will Jordan started his career on YouTube way back on 21st September 2006. His channel goes by the name – The Critical Drinker. It is his primary channel which has over 1.6 million subscribers. When he started his career, he first joined a team on EFAP 40 along with Mauler, Wolf, and Rags. 

That trio was having a look at a slurry of memes and at the same time, Will had utterly confused looks. After the team was done with memes, they started with CryMor Gaming’s “Doom Eternal Looks Terrible” video. 

While they were into this, Jay joined them in between. They claimed that Luke Skywalker was better handled in “The Last Jedi” than Thor in “Avengers: Endgame.” Soon, the team took a break and started back again with EFAP 41, but this time, Will stepped out because it was becoming too hectic for him to remain on those long streams. 

Later he joined the EFAP 50 at the start of the meme section, and he again found himself confused. Although he was baffled, he could still appreciate the fan art. He again joined his previous team in EFAP 52. The group, along with The Critical Drinker, went on preparing content for many more EFAPs, such as EFAP 57, EFAP 66, EFAP 76, EFAP 83, 86, 95, 96, 98, and 100. 

Apart from his primary channel, he also had another track which goes by the name – “Critical Drinker After Hours.” This channel has over 334 thousand subscribers and 351 videos. He started this channel on 28th October 2013. This channel has gathered total views of over 67 million. His primary medium, with 1.6 million subscribers, has over 427 million views.


The Critical Drinker’s marital status is married. He married on 1 August 2009 and his wife’s name is Susan Jane MacDonald. They have 2 sons.

Marital StatusMarried
WifeSusan Jane MacDonald (m. 2009)
Children2 sons

Net Worth

YouTube and his merchandise store are his primary income sources. Both his channels earn a lot of money every month. 

Considering all the possibilities, his net worth is around 800 thousand US dollars to 900 thousand US dollars. This amount is just an estimation, and the actual amount can be much more. 


  • Sean Willets, a famous animator, is a great fan of his videos. 
  • He possesses a solid objection to the existence of orphans.
  • Will’s present house is very close to the sea. 
  • He has gorgeous-looking blue eyes.
  • He has visited the United States and Eastern Europe to research his Ryan Drake Series.
  • His area of interest is military history, fitness training, reading, mountain climbing, and boxing.


Who is The Critical Drinker?

He is a famous YouTuber from Scotland who is mainly renowned for his critic videos, movie reviews, and television show reviews.

What is the critical drinker’s real name?

Will Jordan

How old is Will Jordan, aka The Critical Drinker?

As of 2023, The Critical Drinker is 39 years old.

Is the critical drinker married?

He married on 1 August 2009 and his wife’s name is Susan Jane MacDonald. They have 2 sons.

Is Critical Drinker a good reviewer?

Yes, he is a good reviewer.

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