Joel Haver Wiki, Age, Wife, Animation, Net Worth

Joel Haver is a YouTuber and filmmaker known for his comedic short films and drawings. He began his YouTube channel in 2010 and earned favor for his series “Spooky Scary Sunday,” where he reacts to and reviews horror short films. He also makes original content, such as the “Rejected” series, which features comedic acts that … Read more

The Critical Drinker Wiki, Real Name Age, Wife, Net Worth

The Critical Drinker, whose real name is Will Jordan, is a famous YouTuber from Scotland who is mainly renowned for his critic videos, movie reviews, and television show reviews. Are they old or classic and usually pretend to be a drunkard? He has an arid and misanthropic sense of humor. He drinks a lot, on and … Read more

Derek MPMD Wiki, Name, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Derek better known as More Plates More Dates is a YouTuber, Entrepreneur, and Fitness enthusiast. Derek MPMD is a young businessperson who has built a following on social media and through his site in the fitness and self-improvement niches (most notable being his YouTube channel). More Plates More Dates Wiki, Age, Height, Name, Girlfriend, Net … Read more

Ice Seguerra Wiki, Age, Height, Wife, Daughter, Net Worth

Ice Seguerra, professionally known ad Aiza Seguerra, is a Filipino singer, actor, guitarist, songwriter, and guitarist. He is famous for his acting and singing skills and transgender personality. Apart from being a renowned personality in show business, he is a famous name in the political field as he was once appointed the Chairperson of the … Read more

ConnorEatsPants Wiki, Real Name, Age, Height, Net Worth

ConnorEatsPants, whose original name is Connor, is a very famous American Twitch streamer YouTuber who is famous for his gaming videos and live streams. He usually plays games with his fellow YouTubers – CallMeCarson, Quackity, and TommyInnit.  When talking about his social media presence, he is highly active on his Instagram handle, with over 333 … Read more

The Right Opinion Face, Wiki, Age, Name, Net Worth

James Dancey, also known as The Right Opinion or just TRO most simply, is a very famous English YouTuber who grew mostly for the commentary videos he uploaded on YouTube and many other current affairs videos. He is also a social media star, and his content mainly consists of reactions and commentary on political matters.  Coming … Read more

Xenia Adonts Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Height, Boyfriend

Xenia Adonts Is a very famous Instagram influencer and model. She is very much famous for her cute smile and her looks. She is basically a lifestyle, personal style, and travel blogger. She has been a phenomenal Instagram influencer, and he’s attracted many followers to her Instagram account.  She is quite famous on social media. … Read more

Wendigoon Wiki, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Wendigoon is a popular YouTuber who creates engaging and informative videos about supernatural, paranormal, and horror-related topics. The channel is run by a content creator who remains anonymous. The videos they produce encompass a broad range of topics, spanning from urban legends to mythical creatures and everything else in the middle. One of the reasons … Read more

Christian Bautista Wiki, Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth

Thanks to his charismatic singing, good looks, and long experience in show business, Christian Bautista is well-known not just in the Philippines but across the globe. The Filipino singer, songwriter, and actor Christian Bautista has won the hearts of fans all over the world. Christian was born on October 19, 1981, in Dagupan, Philippines. His … Read more

Boy Abunda Wiki, Age, Real Name, Net Worth

Boy Abunda is a household name in the Philippines thanks to his three decades as a prominent figure in the country’s television business. He is famous for presenting the hit variety program “Star Circle Quest” and the conversation shows “The Buzz” and “Bottomline.” During the 1980s, Boy Abunda started his career as a talent manager … Read more