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Joel Haver is a YouTuber and filmmaker known for his comedic short films and drawings. He began his YouTube channel in 2010 and earned favor for his series “Spooky Scary Sunday,” where he reacts to and reviews horror short films.

He also makes original content, such as the “Rejected” series, which features comedic acts that he initially raised to various companies but were rejected. He also co-created and starred in the web series “Roommates,” which follows the lives of four college roommates.

In addition to his YouTube channel, Joel Haver has continued to create engaging and entertaining content on his YouTube channel. He has also worked on other projects, including writing and directing short films and teaming with creators.

Joel Haver
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Age, Biography and Wiki

Real NameJoel R. Haver
Date of Birth13 February 1996
Age as of 202327 years
Current ResidenceMassachusetts, United States

Early Life

He came into the world on February 13, 1996. Growing up, Joel was interested in filmmaking and comedy. He liked movies like The Matrix and The Lord of the Rings, and he often watched them with his dad. These movies made him feel excited and gave him cool ideas. In his early years, Joel would make short films with his friends and post them online.

He went to Pratt Institute when he finished high school. There, he learned all about how to make movies! During his time at college, he resumed work on his comedy and filmmaking skills, usually teaming with other students on various projects. 

Joel finished learning about making movies at Pratt Institute in 2018 and got a degree that said he was good at it! He is a rising star in content creation and filmmaking, and his unique voice and vision will surely make a continuing hit in the industry.


Today, Joel is known for his unique comedy brand and power to create exciting and fun content. He resumes inspiring aspiring filmmakers and comedians around the world with his work. He is a multi-talented content creator and filmmaker who gained praise on social media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter.

Joel Haver’s career began in 2010 when he began his YouTube channel, “Joel Haver,” which features short films, sketches, and comedic content. Wes Anderson’s style heavily inspired his early work, but he later developed his unique style and voice. Some of his popular videos include “Guy Who’s Never Seen Harry Potter Tries To Explain Harry Potter,” “Old People Don’t Understand Video Games,” and “The New Yorker vs. The Onion.”

Besides his YouTube channel, Haver gained massive popularity on Instagram. He continually shares his comedic skits, spoofs, and impersonations on the platform. He also gained attention on Twitter, posting memes, jokes, and behind-the-scenes looks at his work. Haver’s talent and hard work earned him various options, including working with major brands such as corridor digital. 

Wife & Relationship

He has a significant following on the platform and has gained popularity for his unique mood style. While Joel haver has shared details about his personal life on his channel, he has yet to provide many details about his relationships. It’s unclear whether he is currently involved in a romantic relationship or has had one. Like many public figures, Joel may keep his personal life private to maintain boundaries and protect his privacy.

Net worth

According to various online sources, Joel Haver’s net worth and assets as of 2023 are estimated to be around $1.3 million. The value of his assets can fluctuate depending on multiple factors, such as his investment portfolio, professional advancement, and financial choices. 


  • He has also collaborated with popular YouTubers, such as Gus Johnson.
  • His YouTube content, Joel Haver, has also worked as a freelance filmmaker and has directed several short films.
  • Haver has been candid about his battle with anxiety and depression and has discussed how producing content has aided him in managing these difficulties.
  • Other YouTube channels he operates and runs are good long pee, Trent Lenkarski, and many more.
  • On his youtube channel, named Joel Haver, he has around 1.81M subscribers.
  • He has around 41.2K followers on his Instagram account.
  • Joel Haver makes money by running ads on his video, selling items, and taking PayPal donations.


What age is Joel Haver?

As of 2023, Joel is 27 years old.

Is Joel Haver in high on life?

Yes, on many characters in High On Life his voice.

Where does Joel Haver live?

Massachusetts, United States

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