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Alexander McKechnie, also famous as Exurb1a, is a renowned educational and entertainment YouTuber from England who is famous for his educational videos on YouTube. Besides being a content creator on YouTube, he is also an author who hosts various podcasts with famous people to entertain and provide educational information to his audience. 

Speaking about his social media appearance, he is not much into this social media stuff. He is neither present on Instagram nor on other social media. The only information available regarding his social media is that he is present on Twitter, with over 33 thousand followers. 

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Age, Biography and Wiki

Real NameAlexander McKechnie
Date of Birth31 December 1989
Age as of 202333 years

Early Life

Alexander McKechnie was born in England on 31 December 1989. Although he was born in England, he currently lives in Bulgaria. Speaking of his family details, this YouTuber has not yet announced any further information mentioning his family. 

He prefers keeping those details a secret due to personal reasons. He neither revealed his parents’ names nor that of his siblings. Many of his fans have been willing to know about his educational qualifications, but sadly, more information is needed. But considering his videos, it can be estimated that he is very well-educated. 


Alexander started his YouTube career on the 14th of February, 2012. Previously his videos focused on short stories which often described artificial intelligence and the future of the Human Race. Biology and Physics, along with human consciousness, is the most common topic in his videos. To date, his channel has gathered over 2.5 million subscribers and comprises 79 videos. 

The first video on his channel was uploaded a year after starting his YouTube channel. It was a video regarding time travel which was titled – “Time Travel. A How To”. This video was uploaded on the 28th of September, 2013, and to date, it has gathered over 689 thousand views. 

As mentioned, the main topics of his videos are artificial intelligence and sometimes time travel, and humans are also added. He narrates most of his videos with some humor and untimely swears. His audience loves his videos a lot, which boosted his YouTube channel. He also has a second channel in which he mainly uploads random music videos. 

Besides being a content creator, Alexander is also a writer. He has written numerous books, and they have been published across many countries. Some of his best works include – Bridge to Lucy Dunne, The Fifth Science, Logic Beach, and The Prince of Milk. 

Most of his writings are a collection of short stories, and the others are structured narratives. All his books have a prevalent theme – Future, Consciousness, and the human relationship with advanced technology. He also hosted a podcast that became very famous. The podcast was called – Half Drunk and Curious. 

There had been controversy in his career when a YouTuber named Pieke Roelofs filed numerous police complaints against Exurb1a, which ranged from harassment to rape. According to sources, the investigation is still ongoing because Alexander avoided the police until 2019. 


Exurb1a was once in a relationship long ago, and he organized a podcast with his girlfriend. It is the only available information about his relationships. He prefers not to reveal any details because of personal reasons.

Net Worth

Alexander earns his money through YouTube and the publishing of books. Although he never revealed his income, it is estimated that his net worth is something around 400 thousand US dollars. This estimated amount can vary; the actual amount may go up to 600 thousand US dollars. 


  • He owns a pet cat that he named Freya. He had once said that his cat was a sociopath. 
  • He has a philosophy degree.
  • This guy often shows a Norwegian flag picture in his videos. 


Who is Exurb1a?

Alexander McKechnie, also famous as Exurb1a, is a renowned educational and entertainment YouTuber from England who is famous for his educational videos on YouTube. 

What is real name of Exurb1a?

Alexander McKechnie

How old is Exurb1a?

As of 2023, he is 33 years old.

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